Roof Repairs

At Fast Roofing we specialize in roof repairs and extending the lives of roofs. Many other roofers try to sell homeowners on new roofs even if their roofs are serviceable. We have a different mentality and often look for ways to give customers more years with their old roof. If a leak can be stopped, we'll be the ones to stop it.

On the other hand, there are roofers who will gladly repair your roof and do shoddy work. When we're called in to repair their work after the roof continues to leak, we have a great opportunity to showcase our work versus theirs.

Before nailing the new shingles down we laid down Grace Ice & Water Shield® to seal any holes created by the previous repair.


With color matched new shingles correctly nailed in place, our seamless repair was complete.

However, a roof leak is not always caused by the shingles or roof material itself. Windows, vents, and flashing can also cause interior leaks.