Qualification Summary

  • Directly involved in the residential and commercial roofing industry for over 40 years. Currently working on the roof top daily installing/repairing roofs, troubleshooting leaks, and performing roof inspections for third parties.

  • Built-up and ran the largest distributor of residential exterior building materials for 19 years; a 50+ employee location that supplied contractors and builders. (aRZee Supply Corp of New Jersey. Now a “DBA” of Allied Building Products/Oldcastle). This exposed me to a huge array of products, manufacturers, and first hand knowledge of product failures. I was introduced to warranty-service disputes between customer and manufacturer, mistakes in application or specification that led to short and long term failures, and different application techniques between contractors successfully applying the same products. I was able to observe the long and short term performance of the different application techniques. In one case I helped re-write Tamko’s installation instructions for valleys with a novel way (novel at the time, now widely used) to shingle the valleys with architectural shingles that looked better, performed better, and used a few more shingles for each valley, much to Tamko’s delight.​​

    •  In short, I handled the warranty servicing for most major shingle and siding manufacturers and I personally was exposed to just about everything that could possibly go wrong with the exterior of a home, the materials used, and with their application.  I made my own determination in all cases before I would sign off and they were allowed to proceed through the resolution process.

  • Served as the approved contractor and “in-house” expert for Prudential and other insurance companies which included being first-in with the adjuster immediately following the loss (Hurricane, fire etc), personally determining and writing the scope of work.  This included job-site and office meetings with homeowners and/or their agents, helping to control unnecessary costs by negotiating with predatory public adjusters and “specialty” contractors over disputes in the scope of damage; what needed to be replaced, and the ability to match the new materials with the old, set the settlement costs of labor and material by providing a full line-item priced estimate and being fully ready and able to perform the work for the prices quoted, something the insurance companies previously could not offer.

  • Full knowledge of the Tamko, Certainteed and GAF roofing lines.  Fully knowledgeable and worked with all other major brands of roofing such as Celotex, Atlas, Elk, IKO, Georgia Pacific, and Owens-Corning.  Organized and ran in partnership with GAF, Certainteed and Tamko, instructional classes in residential flashing starting from the basics of adjoining walls, dormer corners etc. and ending with flashing difficult unusual roof protrusions.


  • Winner of the CertainTeed “Outstanding Achievement Award”


  • Classroom trained & certified by the National Cedar & Shake Bureau and The Western Red Cedar Association (separately by each organization) as an expert in real cedar roofing & sidewall applications; recognized as such by major area wholesalers and/or mill representatives that provide cedar products to distribution outlets for sale to contractors. (Example: Manufacturer's Reserve—Steve Boyd, President)


  • Certified “Master Craftsman” for Certainteed, Wolverine, and Restoration Millwork Products


  • Home Ventilation Expert, certified and classroom trained by Airvent (a Certainteed company)


  • Worked with the W.R. Grace and Company, inventor and trademark holder of the term Ice & Water Shield.  Helped kick off their price competitive Vycor Ice & Water Shield serving both as their “beta-test” customer due to my extensive experience and personal experiments with underlayment ice barriers.  I was also invited as guest speaker on a week-long company cruise to kick off the product to the sales force as well as their distributors.


  • Classroom trained and certified as an expert in environmentally friendly/neutral roofing, siding and other building products.


  • Trained and certified as an “Ask the Expert” Attic Ventilation Specialist.

  • Manufacturer-trained by factory representatives of most major roofing companies, ventilation companies (AirVent, Lomanco, MasterFlo),  skylight manufacturers (Velux, InsulaDome, Wasco), vinyl siding (Royal Building Products, Certainteed, Wolverine, Crane Plastics, Vytec), roof & siding insulation (Dow, Pactiv, NRG, Homosote, Hunter), vinyl railings, Mid-America, Waterfall, Superior Aluminum Columns, fiber cement (James Hardie Products, Weatherboards, Nichiha), vinyl boards (AZEK, Kleer, Restoration Millwork) and many other products complimentary to roofing and siding installations.


  • Member and paid consultant (retired) to The Society of Industry Leaders, advising major manufacturers and venture capitalists as to market conditions and dynamics of exterior building products.


  • Roof inspector for Fidelity Inspections, a national relocation company.


  • One of the original creators of the successful marketing program of Seamless Vinyl Siding. Along with Jerry Damora, Jerry James (patent holder on the clip to hang it) and Royal Building Products, we took a poorly marketed failure by Wolverine Siding (a Certainteed company) and turned it into Suprema Seamless Siding, a custom made 40-ft long vinyl siding panel in 2 profiles and 8 colors.  This product was wildly successful across the USA and spurred the introduction of longer-length vinyl siding by most manufacturers.


  • Finally, the one title I am most proud of is somewhat subjective: I am known as one of the best ‘leak men’ in the business, a title given to me by shingle manufacturers, distributors, and other roofers due to my years of hands-on experience, knowledge, personal research & experimentation (some experiments running over 20 years), of the dynamics of water infiltration. I have been brought in by shingle manufacturers, roofing contractors, and homeowners, many times to help solve a difficult water-infiltration issue where all other attempts have failed. I take great pride in having this reputation. This skill is only learned by many years on the roof, troubleshooting leaks.  It cannot be learned or taught in a classroom or short period of time.

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