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Flat Roofing

There's a lot more to roofing than just shingling. Many buildings also make use of flat roofs, which bring a whole new host of challenges. These roofs can be made up of many different materials such as thermoplastic membrane (PVC), rubber membrane (EPDM), or modified bitumen. Often these roofs are neglected or patched with temporary solutions such as roof cement, leading to eventual failure and costly interior damage. Common failure points include open seams, faulty drainage, and general breakdown of the roof material itself.

Gaco Flex™ offers a range of product solutions for most flat roof types. We commonly make use of Gaco Patch for patching and flashing purposes and Gaco Roof for coating. These products are silicone based with strong adherence to almost any material. They are also UV stable and resistant to ponded water, making them the perfect solution to dilapidated flat roofs. Common colors include white, black, and grey but a wide variety of colors can also be special-ordered.


Sitting water can spell disaster for most flat roof material types but Gaco Roof is designed to resist water. In this picture, water simply beads up atop a recently coated Gaco Roof.

Before applying any coating, open seams and defects in the roof are repaired using Gaco Patch. Unlike roof cement, Gaco Patch requires no use of additional membrane and hardens within hours. It can also be applied to damp surfaces for emergency repairs.


Once the roof is properly cleaned and patched, the coating can begin. The first coat is applied thick to fill in any voids and mask the old roof color; it takes quite a bit of material to change a roof from black to white!


The rest of the roof is coated one section at a time; you won't find any footprints in our work! Careful attention is paid to walls, drains, and AC unit surrounds for a neat final product. These are usually done by hand with a brush (by yours truly).


This Gaco Roof was applied over an Audi dealership showroom. However, not all flat roofs are commercial; Gaco can also be used in residential settings and even in built-in gutters. Smaller residential flat roofs require special care to avoid damaging our customer's home.

GACO built in gutter.jpg
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